transforming caffeine into ideas


Some videos I've made and a few one-off commercials for various products. Basically the most fun I've had while in ad school.

Title Sequence for the movie Poltergeist (1982). A fuzzy love letter to one of my favorite horror movies.


Kinetic type of a speech Vincent Price once gave on his radio show. Wise words which are, unfortunately, still very relevant today.


Algebra Monster - 15 second commercial for Pink Pearl Erasers.

Art Director: Jerrika Sterling

Co-Writers: Jonathan Banks and Will Fullington


The Neighbors - A 30 second commercial for Scott's Shop Towels.

Art Director: Crew Gibbs

Co-writer/Actor: Nico Giarrano


Doomsday Prepper - A 30 second commercial for Swiss Army Knife.

Art Director: Crew Gibbs

Co-Writers: Matt Johnson and Will Fullington


I filmed and edited the next two videos for a campaign that unfortunately fizzled out. They were intended for use on social media.

I'm very proud of them.